ExpansionPack for GarageBand £30.00
ExpansionPack for GarageBand

Style: Various
Instrument: Various
Format: GarageBand Instruments

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A diverse collection of brand new instruments for GarageBand!

AMG plug the gaps in the factory library with all your most requested instruments.

'The ExpansionPack for GarageBand from the maestros at AMG plugs whatever gaps there are in the standard library with a whole raft of high-quality virtual instruments. This collection extends Garageband's repertoire to undreamed-of levels.' - MacUser

92 brand new instruments for GarageBand covering brass, vintage keys and even Celtic instruments! Instruments featured include:

2 - Accordions
Alto Sax
ARP Solina
4 - Bagpipes
9 - Brass Sections
1 - Misc Organ
2 - Clavinets
4 - CS80 Sounds
2 - DX7 Electric Piano Sounds
2 - Fiddles
14 - Hammond Organs: Jazz, Classic, Rock, Hollow, etc.
2 - Harpsichords
4 - Pianos
3 - Mandolins
9 - MiniMoogs
3 - Mellotrons
12 - Rhodes: Classic, Driven, Transistor, etc.
6 - Trumpets
2 - Uillean Pipes
2 - Whistles
7 - Wurlitzers

DEMO TRACK NOTES: The demo features drums from the GarageBand factory sounds and two Norman Cook demo loops you also need to install if you're loading the demo after having purchased the SoundPack. Otherwise ALL sounds are from the ExpansionPack, but far from all the Expansion Pack sounds are in the demo!

Five more additional instruments will be made available to download for existing users in the near future - join our mailing list to be informed as soon as they are available.

If you already own 'ExpansionPack for GarageBand' click here(right click + 'save as...') to download 5 more new instruments! If you don't already own the ExpansionPack these will not work

GarageBand Instruments: Although primarily intended for use with GarageBand these are also now accessible in Logic 7 using the EXS interface. Intel Compatible.

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