Mo' Phreak - ReFill £60.00
Mo' Phreak - ReFill
Artist: QuakeTrap
Style: Dance
Instrument: Dance Samples
Format: ReFill

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An amazing and diverse collection of grungy dance samples!

"Excellent, royalty free, creative live and artificial drumsounds, ambient noises and tripped-out loops. A stoner philosophy goldmine." - XLR8R

"MoPhreak focuses on harder, noisier sounds and patches for all of Reason's instruments, transforming it from the shiny, sleek dance machine it is out of the box into a rusty, claptrap heap of electro-industrial madness.

MoPhreak is packed with 190 Rex files ready for use. These run the gamut from almost straightforward live drumming loops to bits of bleepy ephemera that could have been snipped from the ends of an Anti Pop Consortium production. In fact, one of the best things to do with MoPhreak is to simple load up a bunch of DR. Rex players, throw in loops nearly at random, and tweak away. Many of these loops are already practically full beats unto themselves- incorporating thick effects, vocal bits, and even occasional scratches- so many of these loops can serve as the basis for a new track. The overall production is hard and gritty, eschewing the slickness that leaves so many loop and Refill discs feeling uninspired.

Also included in MoPhreak are plenty of incidental noises that have a strong Bay Area flavor, harking back to industrial/electronic heyday there. Spoken-word samples of Haight Street conspiracy theorists and ramblers, BART train noises, and street ambience are there to help you play the Meat Beat Manifesto home game. If you find the Factory Refills a little lacking and want to power it up with mental, noisy, tweaked-out, royalty-free loops and patches, track down the Quake Trap's MoPhreak pack." - Grooves Magazine

"Found sounds, interviews, electronic noises, and other goodies for home mixers to play with...the spoken word clips taken from S.F.'s Haight-Ashbury District are funny, too...should cover the bases for most laptop rockers." - Giant Robot Magazine

An amazing collection featuring:
- Unsavory/intergalactic/bizarre interviews with Haight Street Denizen…
- Loops to baffle and delight…
- Synthetic stabs, sweeps, space squeaks, washes, and meltdowns…
- Atmospheric soundscapes and effects like SF municipal transportation, restaurant activity, Barcelona alleyways, toilets, trains, transmissions, and hundreds of others…
- Percussive mutations, drums, pops, and booms…and more!

Give your sound arsenal a most unholy weapon and take your musical fiascos on trips that lie far away from convention.

The ReFill features:
205 REX2 files
72 Effects & Spoken Samples
431 Hits & Sweeps
185 Loops
5 Malstrom Patches
5 Subtractor Patches
6 NN19 Sampler Patches
5 NNXT Sampler Patches
3 ReDrum Kits
3 Song Starters

Format Info
GENERAL: ReFills are exclusively for use with Propellerheads Reason. They are preset expansions that transform Reason and can offer you new sounds for every module in Reason. Not all ReFills contain content for every module and libraries that are essentially only REX file-based (like drum loop libraries) are generally only released as REX CDs rather than ReFills. ReFills make sample libraries come to life!
SPECIFIC: This ReFill contains all the library's REX files and WAV files PLUS lots of Reason-specific content - if you mainly use Reason this is the version for you!

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