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The ReFill format was developed by Propellerheads who had previous created the REX format whilst part of Steinberg. A ReFill is a format unique to their Reason app. It allows the composition of lots of custom content for Reason, including REX and WAV files, into one large, virtual studio or ReFill. ReFills are only compatible with Reason and REX files inside them can't be used outside of Reason therefore. AMG produced the World's first ReFill when we released 160dB in Reason ReFill format in early 2001.

Latest & Greatest...

Vince Clarke Reason ReFill for reason
"...this CD could fulfil most analogue dreams, be they industrial,
ambient, techno or just clouded, gibbering fantasies..."

- Music Technology
Demo Demo Buy Apple Loops - ReFill - REX - WAV Version on samples-now!

Kitchen Sink Logo 250 hip hop beats Trademark Hip Hop 250 drum beats
Three HOT, BRAND NEW releases from LUKECAGE
for instant download!

The Kitchen Sink Demo Loops - Vol 1 XX, Vol 2 XX Trademark Hip Hop Demo Beats XXX
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160dB Reason ReFill award winning five stars superb
"I could blather about how great this library is, but second listener Greg Rule sums it up best: "From the evocative pads and wicked synth basses to the expressive instrumental riffs and edgy loops, there are loads of club-ready components for launching a track. I defy any electronic music lover to give this library a test drive and not walk away buzzed."
- Keyboard
Demo Buy Apple Loops - ReFill - REX - WAV Version on samples-now!

Norman Cook Fatboy Slim Reason ReFill
"...another AMG masterpiece...some of the best cases of white boy utilises a reggae feel since the days of The Clash." - Mixmag
Demo Demo Buy Apple Loops - ReFill - REX - WAV Version on samples-now!

Freakbox250 drum loops
FREAK BOX - The superb new dance music library in REX format
for instant download!

Seven Demo Tracks XX - XX - XX - XX - XX - XX - XX Demo Loops XXX
For more info or to order go to our REX store on samples-now!

ReasonReFills.com - Our dedicated site...

ReasonReFills.com is the World's number one third party ReFill site! We pioneered both the ReFill and REX file formats and although we have released fewer ReFills in recent years due to Reason's waning popularity we have continued to very actively support the REX file format as it is still so popular with just about all of todays DAWS. You'll find many exclusive REX and ReFill titles on the site and just about all of them are available for instant download too.
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Everything for Reason - The quality is always A1